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21-24.04.2008 Skopje
Trainig programe for the ombudsman office personnel on theme: Iidentification and proceeding on cases of discrimination more
14-15.04.2008, Ghent, Begium
Macedonian ombudsman office representatives on the 10-th Anniversary of the Ombudsman in Ghent, Begium more
12-14.04.2008, Kiev, Ukraine
Mr. Memeti with Ms. Nina Karpacova, Ombudsman of Ukraine more
09 – 10.04.2008, Padua, Italy
Macedonian ombudsman office represenatives on the workshop rights of persons deprived of their liberty: “The role of national human rights structures who are opcat mechanisms and of those... more
30-31.03.2008, Sofija, Bulgaria
Тhe ombudsman Мr. Ixhet Мemeti on the conference for the news arised from the Lisbon treaty more
25.03.2008 Skopje
Press conference - Presentation of the Ombudsman Annual Report 2007 more
28.02.2008 Kicevo i Bitola
Bitola-Round table - "Cooperation of the Local Self Government with the Ombudsman" more
07.01.2008 Hotel „Arka“, Skopje
Informative seminars for the state employes more
07.01.2008 Aragon, Spain
Meeting of Mr. Memeti and the Ombudsman of Aragon Mr. Visente more
09 - 18.12.2007 Bamaco, Mali
5-th Congress of the Francophone Member State Ombudsman Mr. Memeti and Mr. Chirac more


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Whether the human rights of persons with special needs are respected in the Republic of Macedonia and in what extend?


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