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We follow and monitor the activities of the authorities publicly, honestly and professionally.
Equal in the relations towards everyone.
Professional in our work, open for suggestions and prepared for a permanent progress.

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Organs within Ombudsman competence

The Ombudsman handles with authority before following organs:

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia:

  • departments;
  • committees;
  • secretariats;


1. organs within the ministries;

  • offices (for the execution of sanctions, property affairs, duties, specified production, public revenues, water economy, veterinary, hydrometeorology, civil air traffic, cadastre, and registration of real estate, etc.);
  • inspectorates (administrative, foreign currency, market, technical inspection, agriculture, sanitary and medical, educational, labour, social policy, local self-government, transport, urbanism and construction building, environment, and communal);
  • funds (for medical insurance, for pension and disability insurance, for living environment, and for water);
  • institutes (for statistics, geodesics, etc.);
  • bureaus (for forensic expertise, for the protection of the industrial ownership, for tourism, for the development of education, for economically underdeveloped regions, for medical drugs, etc.);
    agencies (for migration, for information, for sport and youth, for the development of investments);
  • departments (for the living environment, planning and informatics, for the standardization of meteorology, etc.);
  • health institutions (hospitals, clinics, psychiatric and neuro-psychiatric hospitals, old people’s homes (nurseries) and child care homes);
  • educational institutions (for pre-school age, elementary schools, high schools, colleges);
  • centres for social work.

2. Field offices

Also, the Ombudsman intervenes in the following as well: the railway company, post office, telecommunications, electricity utility company, radio and TV broadcasting company, housing and communal enterprises, as well as the organs and bodies of the local self-government.


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Whether the human rights of persons with special needs are respected in the Republic of Macedonia and in what extend?


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