We help citizens practice their rights and freedoms in an easier way; public administration to become a real service and promote the relations between the authorities and the citizens.

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We follow and monitor the activities of the authorities publicly, honestly and professionally.
Equal in the relations towards everyone.
Professional in our work, open for suggestions and prepared for a permanent progress.

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General questions

09 June 2011

What is the Ombudsman?

Public Attorney, in the world known under the name Ombudsman, as new institution in the legal system of the Republic of Macedonia established by the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” No. 52/91, No. 1/92, No. 31/98 and No. 91/01). Law on Ombudsman (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 60/03) establishes his authority to protect the constitutional and legal rights of citizens when violated by the organs of the state administration and other organs and organisations with public authorities.

The Ombudsman is an independent, autonomous, professional, and competent institution governed in the exercising of his office and authorities by the principles of objectivity, impartiality, responsibility, honesty, authority, promptness, expediency, non-association (affiliation) with any political party, equality in the protection of the rights and liberties regardless of sex, race, colour of skin, religious creed, political or ethnical association of citizens.

The Ombudsman carries out the work within his remit in compliance with the Constitution and laws, as well as ratified international legal acts on human rights and liberties.


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Whether the human rights of persons with special needs are respected in the Republic of Macedonia and in what extend?


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