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Protection of children right: Department for Protection of Children Rights

With the aim to more actively and widely get involved into the protection of children’s rights, within the institution Ombudsman was established a special Department for the Protection of Children.

The official entrusted with the protection of the rights of children secures a protection for all the rights of children, especially for:

  • The rights of children respecting the exercising of parental right when the centres for social welfare, that are bound by law to do it, undertake measures in order to protect the integrity, rights, and interests of children;
  • The rights of children exercised within the realm of social protection, especially the rights that children exercise in the institutions for child care and education of the pre-school age, the rights related to vacation and recreation exercised through corresponding organs and institutions, financial reliefs, and other forms of social protection foreseen by law that should be realized within the authorized institutions in the Republic;
  • The rights of children without parents or parental care, rights that are realized through specialized institutions for sheltering and care in the Republic;
  • The rights of children from the field of education exercised in elementary and public high schools in the Republic with the focus on the integration of every child in the educational system under equal opportunities with respect to their equal treatment in the schools, as well as their rights to equality and non-discrimination, prohibition of corporal punishment and physical abuse in the schools, and the prohibition of the organization and manipulation of children for political purposes; finally, the realization of the right to instruction in one’s mother tongue in elementary and high schools for the members of different communities, as well as freedom of confession but with a full respect for the legal prohibition of religious instruction in schools;
  • The rights of children in the field of employment with respect to the ban on the employment of persons under 15; also, with respect to a special protection of the minors over 15 that are employed, a protection which can be secured through inspection organs or directly if the child is employed in the organs and organizations before which the Head of the Department for the Protection of Children’s Rights can directly handle;
  • The rights of children exercised in medical institutions, especially with respect to the legal guarantee on the basis of the principle of reciprocity and solidarity for the securing of medical protection realized in the conducting of mandatory medical check ups provided by the Republic, as well as in the realization of other rights guaranteed by laws and sub-statutory acts from the field of medical protection;
  • The rights of children from the field of pension and disability insurance with respect to the realization of the right to family pension checks and other rights from this sphere;
  • The rights of children with respect to the acquisition and termination of the Macedonian citizenship, the rights related to the personal name foreseen by adequate laws, as well as the rights regarding birth register when these rights are exercised before authorized state organs and organizations;
  • The rights of children in the proceedings of the Internal Affairs organs, that is the proceedings of authorized police officials and other organs with respect to the rights of children during arrest and interrogation guaranteed by the Law on Criminal proceedings and Criminal Code, as well as the rights of minors in penitentiaries.


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Whether the human rights of persons with special needs are respected in the Republic of Macedonia and in what extend?


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