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General questions

06 June 2011

How can I submit a complaint?

A citizen can submit a petition:

  • In writing (personally or by mail);
  • Orally through Minutes taken at the Ombudsman’s office;
  • By phone or fax;
  • By electronic mail.

In order to be able to initiate the proceedings before the authorized organs and organizations, the followings prerequisites have to be met:

  • The petition must be signed and contain the petitioner’s personal data (first name, last name, address, phone, etc.);
  • Also, it must contain the circumstances, facts, and evidence the petition is based on (resolution, decision, appeal, conclusion, statement, certificate, opinion, etc.);
  • The organ, that is the organization, as well as the official the petition refers to; also, the act (resolution, decision, statement, etc.) by means of which the right was violated must be listed;
  • Finally, the petition should contain an account of the legal remedies the petitioner has lodged, if any.

The petition should be intelligible and legible.

In his handling the Ombudsman always respects privacy and secrecy of the petitioner’s data, and for any activity undertaken on the Ombudsman’s part, the petitioner must not suffer any harmful consequences by the organ that violated his right.

The filing of the petition is free of charge.

The filing of the petition is not limited to any strictly prescribed form, and it can be hand written. In the Ombudsman’s Office there is a form for the filling in of the petitions.


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Whether the human rights of persons with special needs are respected in the Republic of Macedonia and in what extend?


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